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Ascent Project
1 - Performance criteria and benchmarking

This work-package aims at identifying the optimal integration of Ca-Cu, CSHIFT and SER processes into large scale plants for electricity and hydrogen production. The definition of the reference plants with and without CO2 capture will also be addressed to be used as terms of comparison for the more

2 - Combined Ca-Cu Chemical Loop

A novel a Calcium-Copper (Ca-Cu) looping cycle will be studied which matches two endothermic-exothermic reaction pairs in the same equipment. The heat needed to drive the endothermic steam-methane reforming reaction is matched with in-situ heat production from the calcium carbonate formation more

3 - Fast sorbent mediated water-gas shift

The primary objective of CSHIFT (Carbonated SHIFT) is to develop synthetic sorbents and provide a robust proof-of-principle for the fast sorbent mediated water-gas shift (WGS) reaction system, i.e. the compact and efficient production of hydrogen from syngas (mainly composed of H2 and CO) by more

4 - Sorption enhanced reforming looping cycle
The main objective of this work package is to demonstrate, through material development and prototype testing at industrially relevant conditions, the technological and economic potential of novel high performance CaO-based solid materials combining a high temperature CO2 sorbent and a more
5 - Safety and sustainability impact assessment
The main gaps in terms of safety for the different technology lines will be identified in this work package and recommendations will be outlined for the safe deployment and operation of these technology lines. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Socio-Economic Assessment (SEA) of the investigated more
6 - Dissemination

The consortium is well aware of the importance of both dissemination and exploitation of ASCENT project to dedicate two different sections (6 and 7) focused on these activities. In this work package dissemination strategy of the main results achieved in ASCENT will be planned. All the more

7 - Exploitation of the developed sorbent technologies
As far as exploitation of the project is concerned this activity is planned in strict connection with the dissemination work package. As a matter of fact, this section of the project will have a fundamental role to approach potential users of the innovative technology developed in ASCENT, more
8 - Management

This work package deals with the management of the project and it will be carried out according to standard procedures and a straightforward governance structure. Here you can dowload also the publishable summary of the main achived results more
Cooperation with Australian projects

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme  FP7 under grant agreement n° 608512